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Our office

Odolanska 56, Warsaw, Poland

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Solid design partner
for your project. On time
and within the budget


They had the right design skills but also allowed for our team to play a large role in the process of ideation. They were willing to really understand the needs of the client.

Julie Lee

Injective Labs


Their team was well-organized, timely, responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They also ensure accessible communication through email, messaging apps, and virtual meetings.

Ethan Siegel


Their responsiveness, world-class design skills, and ease of communication were impressive. From my perspective it was a perfect cooperation.

Michal Sadowski



The quality of their work was never questionable. They delivered on-time and on-budget. They were friendly and responsive. Everything was great.

Jes Kirkwood



It was smooth and easy. They streamlined seamless communication and management style. Overall, their customer service was the highlight of the engagement.

Henry Popiolek

Staze /


Their process is very clear, and their communication is impressive. They also deliver fast and their wireframes are great. Their design system is also well-managed and we get what we expected.

Damien Pucheu

Exorde Labs


Well-organized project management approach and the ability to communicate proactively. Visux's deliverables were a great fit for the client's brand guides and were pixel-perfect.

Kees van den Bos

Consent Stack


They’re sincere, honest, and hardworking— we have similar values. I’m super happy with their work. They’re an enthusiastic team that creates great design work.

Ehren Hanson



The agency worked perfectly
with our team in order to execute the new design.
Outcome was 50% better time on the app.

Alex Circei



Excellent, very efficient and smooth service. It's easy when you work with professionals who understand the customer's requirements. We highly recommend, we will definitely work with them again in the future.

Warren Holt


Frequently Asked Questions

As a product design agency, we specialize in UX/UI/Product design, building MVPs, and creating websites. We also do branding and can provide ongoing design support. Our expertise extends to no-code solutions (Webflow, Bubble, Framer), ensuring rapid and efficient development tailored to your needs.

Our process consists of a few simple steps:

• Discovery
• Wireframing & Prototyping
• Final Layouts & Design System
• Development

Of course, the process may vary for specific projects. At the beginning of our collaboration, we customize the best-fitting process to the needs of our partners.

We offer both time & material and retainer-based pricing models. Our standard hourly rate is $65. We believe in transparent pricing tailored to your project’s needs.

We collaborate with startups and businesses across diverse industries, including web3.0, AI, healthcare, sustainability, and blockchain. Moreover, our expertise enables us to tackle any project you might challenge us with.

Absolutely! We can be a long-term partners for your business and help your product to grow. No matter you are planning to develop your product or you need marketing/social media support.

Visux is a product design agency that genuinely cares about the quality of each project. Our small, dedicated team of specialists ensures personalized attention. From branding and design to implementation, we’re your one-stop shop for product development.