Lukasz Jackiewicz

How we increased Brand24 conversion from 16.8% to 21.5%

Redesigned Brand24 website

In the fast-changing world of the internet and technology, design plays a crucial role that many companies may not always notice. It's not just about looking good; it's like the heart of how people interact with things online, called user experience or UX. Design doesn't just make websites or apps pretty; it can actually make more people do what the website or app wants them to do and also make them feel confident about it. Surprising numbers show us that a huge 94% of people decide what they think about something based on how it looks and feels. So, design is like the unsung hero making sure everything works smoothly and makes a good first impression.

Where we started

Brand24, one of the best-known Polish startups offering a social media monitoring tool, approached us to enhance their current website. It wasn't that the design was completely wrong, but it had too many things on it that didn't need to be there. Many pictures fighting for attention and some not-so-good quality images messing up the story they wanted to tell about their brand.

Our primary task was clear – it wasn't just about giving the design a fresh and bold appearance but ensuring it aligned seamlessly with Brand24's essence. However, our efforts went beyond aesthetics; we understood that by making the website user-friendly, we could encourage more people to do what Brand24 intended. As a result, our focus extended to not only enhancing the website's visual appeal but also making it exceptionally easy for everyone to navigate and increasing conversions.

The Process

We began with a kickoff call and workshops to gain a deeper understanding of Brand24's needs. Given the world-class level of their social media monitoring app, it was crucial for us to delve deeply into their specific requirements. Using helpful information from tools like Google Analytics and HotJar, we learned a lot through data-driven design. This info was like a treasure hunt, and it became the base for our first designs, getting everything ready for the next steps in prototyping and designing.

Moving from ideas to action, we brought our plans to life with final designs. These designs not only looked modern and clear but also matched perfectly with the copy on the page. To enhance the user experience, we included subtle animations – like gentle signs pointing to the best parts of the platform, showcasing the product features more effectively. We paid a lot of attention to organizing the Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons well. This way, users could easily follow the brand story, and we created a structure that was easy to understand.

Recognizing the pivotal importance of design consistency and efficient development, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive design system. This not only ensured a harmonious visual language across the website but also expedited the development process. In an era where speed is paramount, our lightweight design significantly enhanced page speed, thereby amplifying the overall user experience.


The sum of seemingly small changes we introduced during the redesign resulted in very good numbers:

  • Well-established and solid design process
  • Design (UX/UI) rooted in data
  • New, clear structure, and CTA hierarchy
  • Well-crafted copy accompanied by proper visuals
  • Introduction of animations to highlight product features
  • Modern and lightweight design

The culmination of our efforts bore fruit in a transformative redesign, propelling Brand24's website conversion rate from 16.8% to an impressive 21.5%. This translated into over 10,000 new accounts annually, underscoring the tangible impact of strategic design thinking. What makes this success even more noteworthy is that even though the client didn't spend a ton on design, the sales went up a lot. This shows that the money client put into design was just a tiny bit compared to the much bigger profit Brand24 got.

Our journey with serves as a testament to the power of holistic design thinking. In this narrative, aesthetics, functionality, and user experience converge not merely to redefine a brand but to propel remarkable business growth. Our commitment to excellence in design has not only transformed Brand24's digital landscape but also showcases the potential for strategic design thinking to redefine success in the ever-evolving digital realm.

Lukasz Jackiewicz
Head of Design and Co-founder
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