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Visux members working in the office
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Our approach is simple: create a friendly, positive space where people get along, and you'll foster the perfect atmosphere 
for great projects

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We love tech and design. Always trying to stay up 
to date and expand our horizons

Visux members on the Seamless conference
Visux member on the conference
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We are curious about the world and hungry for new experiences. That's why we love new challenging projects

Visux members on the trip - visit in Mosque
Visux members on the trip - visit in Oman
Visux members on the trip - visit in Oman


Cezar Aromanesei

Product Designer

A good funny podcast in the background is the secret ingredient to a good design

Ruslan Nimerovski

Product Designer

Ruslan never gets angry. Always as calm as a sitting cat

Mariia Chabak

Product Designer

Matcha tea, candles and planning is all she needs

Tatiana Ivanova

Product Designer

Tatiana is fond of collecting vinyl and eating pizza

Dominik Tyka

Design Lead

Dominik loves experimenting with design and building design systems. Webflow enthusiast

Marcin Grygierczyk

Product Designer

A passionate advocate of continuous UX/UI Development, classic Rock fan, and avid gamer

Kateryna Trunova

Office Manager

Being calm, caring, and always striving to improve - my way of making the world better

Maciej Zdunek

Marketing Specialist

Passioned about sneakers and polish rap music

Michal Piorkowski


Millions of ideas per minute, some of them pretty good

Michal Krochecki


Loves to drive, cook Italian dishes and collect perfume

Lukasz Jackiewicz

Head of Design / Co-Founder

Lukasz loves design and minimalism philosophy. Not only at work but in whole life

Bartek Bednarski

CEO / Co-Founder

A thousand ideas per minute and the desire to implement everything at once

Solid design partner
for your project. On time
and within the budget


They had the right design skills but also allowed for our team to play a large role in the process of ideation. They were willing to really understand the needs of the client.

Client portrait - Julie

Julie Lee

Injective Labs


Their team was well-organized, timely, responsive, professional, and easy to work with. They also ensure accessible communication through email, messaging apps, and virtual meetings.

Client portrait - Ethan

Ethan Siegel


Their responsiveness, world-class design skills, and ease of communication were impressive. From my perspective it was a perfect cooperation.

Client portrait - Michał

Michal Sadowski



The quality of their work was never questionable. They delivered on-time and on-budget. They were friendly and responsive. Everything was great.

Client portrait - Jes

Jes Kirkwood



It was smooth and easy. They streamlined seamless communication and management style. Overall, their customer service was the highlight of the engagement.

Client portrait - Henry

Henry Popiolek

Staze /


Their process is very clear, and their communication is impressive. They also deliver fast and their wireframes are great. Their design system is also well-managed and we get what we expected.

Client portrait - Damien

Damien Pucheu

Exorde Labs


Well-organized project management approach and the ability to communicate proactively. Visux's deliverables were a great fit for the client's brand guides and were pixel-perfect.

Client portrait - Kess

Kees van den Bos

Consent Stack


They’re sincere, honest, and hardworking— we have similar values. I’m super happy with their work. They’re an enthusiastic team that creates great design work.

Client portrait - Ehren

Ehren Hanson



The agency worked perfectly
with our team in order to execute the new design.
Outcome was 50% better time on the app.

Client portrait - Alex

Alex Circei



Excellent, very efficient and smooth service. It's easy when you work with professionals who understand the customer's requirements. We highly recommend, we will definitely work with them again in the future.

Client portrait - Warren

Warren Holt